Hotel Lido Palace Riva del Garda 5-star Luxury



Opened in 1899 to compete with the best hotels in Europe and in the early 1900s became a legendary structure. One of the most charming places of the Garda Lake, the village Riva del Garda, was chosen as an holiday residence by he the Hapsburg royal family, by the upper middle class, and by artists and philosophers. The hotel was pervaded by the Belle Époque splendour.

After an accurate restoration, the Lido Palace offers an interesting contrast between the liberty style and the modernity of new material such as resins, metal and glass; contemporary designed rooms and suites with panoramic views over the lake and the surrounding mountains; two restaurants; modern CXI Centoundici Spa and two heated pools.

Now as then, thanks to the austere but irresistible charm and to the refined elegance, the Lido Palace continues to be the first five-star hotel in Trentino.

Nature, time and silence. These are the elements that characterize the CXI Centoundici Spa Lido Palace in Riva del Garda, the 5-star luxury hotel on the Trentino shore of Lake Garda.

Centoundici SPA

CXI Spa the wellness of the guests is the absolute focus. It is designed to emphasize the relaxing and rebalancing effects of its treatments, which are thought to meet the needs of every guest. In fact, the la CXI Spa offers a variety of personalized paths aiming to a high degree of innovation in methodology and tools, and also using high-quality products.
The CXI Spa covers an area of 1500 square metres and, as its peculiarity, it offers two main routes “Centoundici onde” and “Centoundici gradi”, and customized individual and couple treatments.

“Centoundici onde” offers an infinite pleasure water experience, through the spread of waves on the inner and outer surface of the pools. It consists of a heated indoor pool with a maximum depth of 1.40 meters and an outdoor pool. The indoor pool has a revitalizing swan-neck waterfall, ideal to release tension in the neck area, and is equipped with refined deckchairs, for an ultimate relaxation. The outdoor pool, set in the garden, is provided with hydrotherapy paths that offer the sensation of swimming against the tide, whilst geysers blowing from the bottom. Individual workspaces and vertical walls with a 35° degree hydromassage, reproducing the effect of a natural massage generated from the hot springs, provide the guests with Pleasant moments of wellness. Finally, the natural solarium with relaxing deckchairs will allow the guests to enjoy an atmosphere of absolute calm and to admire the beauty of nature.

“Centoundici Gradi” recreates a journey of relaxation and purification with variable humidity and temperature, in order to meet the desires of each guest. 
The warm bath at 39 °С and the Mediterranean bath at 50°C, , of Roman origin, provide a slow, deep perspiration and with their light humidity contribute to soften the skin tissue, thus facilitate, the elimination of excess fluid.
The steam bath at 45°C, , of Arabic origin, gives a deep skin cleansing and improves skin breathing.
The Finnish sauna at 90°C, , causes a rapid and deep perspiration that facilitates the elimination of excess fluids, whilst relaxing muscles, balancing the sleep and strengthening the immune defense system.
The salt room, built with pinkish rich salt bricks, generates a heated environment that provides the guests with balance and new energy, thanks to specific and relaxing loungers on which the body rests and relaxes in the absence of gravity. This environment is a real treat for the skin and the breathing apparatus.

The "Centoundici" experience continues with the "Relaxation and tea - room ", a suffused environment with a view on the blooming garden; a place where the guests can relax between a wet bath and a sauna, or lying on a chaise longue and enjoying herbal teas and a rich buffet of fresh seasonal and dried fruits.

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