Lefay Resort & SPA Garda Lake 5-star Luxury


Lake Garda offers the excellence of the hotel's wellness.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lake Garda, in Gargnano,the first, wonderful, jewel of the collection "Lefay Resorts", has been designed and manufactured to the innovative concept of global wellness.
Lefay: a wellness that extends to the whole holiday experience.
You will find it in the breath of the large indoor and outdoor spaces, in the nature and in the surrounding silence, in the enchanting view of the Garda Lake and in the delicate Mediterranean cuisine.
The concept of wellness also means respect for the environment, which is why, in the Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, everything, from materials research to interiors and structures design, is conceived in accordance with the places and the surrounding landscape.
Discover out the new Lefay Luxury, a different kind of holiday for those who want to wonder, who loves to get lost and then find themselves again.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lake Garda, where everything is too beautiful to express in words.

Wellness Centre Lefay SPA

The Centerpiece of the resort is the SPA Lefay: an exclusive wellness temple 3000 square feet, where the body and mind are restored through the rediscovery of the authentic emotions and harmony with oneself. It is the heart of the holiday Lefay that allows the recovery of the vital energy.
In a vacation experience well-being that is doing its foundation the concept of wellness, the global SPA plays a vital role. For this Lefay offers, with a team of doctors to the international level, a method that is unique and innovative.
The union of the ancient principles of chinese medicine and scientific research, the Lefay SPA Method has as its goal the restoration of vital energy. From the oriental culture, the Lefay SPA Method has learned that the body speaks and manifests throughout its history, both physical and emotional. The western world has used the scientific method, empirical research, and constant checking.
The end is always the physical and mental health of the individual, while the medium is everything that makes it possible.

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